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At MATELEC Group, we are committed
to meet or exceed the highest quality
and performance industry standards across our range of products
and services.
Health, Safety and Environment
Matelec gives extra impetus to the implementation of solutions to eliminate health and safety risks. For this purpose, Implementation plans have been drawn up to moderate the physical workload of each employee and his exposure to dust and noise. On a permanent base, focus groups are being held with employees about the execution of the various implementation safety plans and strategies.

The general guidelines for heath and safety points out that:
  • All persons employed by the company should receive adequate health and safety training. In addition, employees receive adequate instructions and supervision to enable them to undertake their work in a safe manner.
  • All plants and equipments are suitable for their intended purpose and are maintained in a safe condition at all times.
  • All persons working on site, whether or not employees of the company, are adequately notified of all known hazards and protective measures.
  • Risk assessments are conducted regularly and actions taken to reduce the risk to a reasonable level.
  • Individual members of staff, who have any concern regarding their own safety, or that of a third party, are responsible for reporting the matter to their managerwithout delay.

» ISO 14001 certificate. PDF Download PDF (size: 536,2 KB)
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