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Matelec Group utilizes and maintains the latest manufacturing technology and equipment available today.
Machines and Testing Equipment
Matelec Group utilizes and maintains the latest manufacturing technology and equipment available today. The machines are continuously upgraded and renewed to be in line with the most advanced standards and norms applicable in the industry.

The latest renewal was started in 2005 and is still under process with the acquisition of a number of machines each rated as top in its category. In parallel, the company is equipped with a set of industry-approved machines to run in-house tests on both electrical performance and painting. All Matelec’s manufacturing operations have consistent state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing environments. The company continually invests to maintain and upgrade its leading edge manufacturing and testing facilities in line with its objective of providing higher efficiency and quality.

Matelec uses the latest computerized techniques for design, manufacturing, and testing. Matelec has developed specialized computer program for transformers design is linked with computer controlled manufacturing machinery (cut-to-length, punching, laser cutting, bending, fin folding, etc.) and testing equipment. This automated manufacturing system ensures consistently high quality and results in drastically reduced manufacturing lead times.

A computer controlled production planning and scheduling system is employed to program all manufacturing operations. The system provides continuously updated information on production progress. Manufacturing efficiency and product quality are further enhanced by computer controlled product testing and data capture, automated rating plate engraving, electronic test report generation and transmission.

Since accurate testing is crucial to providing quality products, Matelec is fully equipped with high precision class and calibrated testing instruments. All routine tests are performed according to IEC standards. A large number of type tests can be performed in-house (temperature rise, impulse, noise level, partial discharge, capacitance, dielectric power loss, etc.). Test reports are generated automatically by data acquisition and compared with the designed parameters. Testing is made in accordance with ISO 17025. In the same line, the painting laboratory performs inhouse salt spray, minimum thickness, gloss factor, falling weight, cupping, scratch and bend tests according to relevant ISO standards. For a complete and detailed description of the laboratories and testing activities, please refer to “Laboratories and Testing” section in the home page.

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