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matelec group

Founded in 1974 to produce distribution transformers, Matelec has grown into a diversified and respected electricity business player.
About Us
Matelec was founded in 1974 to produce distribution transformers and since then has grown into a diversified electricity business player. Within its first decade of operation, Matelec was able to enlarge its products offering to switchgears, package substations, and control and protection systems. In parallel, Matelec expanded into engineering and contracting activities with the realization of complex HV, MV and LV projects.

Throughout the years, Matelec expanded its manufacturing capabilities in the Mideast, Africa, and Europe with the acquisition or participation in many factories: Electrical Equipment Industries Co. (ELICO) in Jordan , International Transformers Matelec (ITM) in Egypt , Transfo Matelec in France and lately Entreprise algérienne des équipements de transformation et de distribution électrique SPA (EDIEL SPA) in Algeria To optimize its global business portfolio, Matelec is further exploring other geographic deployments and business ventures across these regions.

Matelec Group employs more than 1000 people in the Mideast, Africa and Europe. Matelec Group is part of Doumet Electrical Holding. In addition to Matelec Group, the holding electrical activities are further consolidated by the presence of Melec, an international contracting arm, operating in the Mideast, Catel and Cabel, two manufacturing cables factories operating in Algeria (LV, MV and HV, along with telecom and fiber optic cables), and Kounoune Power, a BOO based company operating a diesel Power Plant in Senegal.
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