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Founded in 1974 to produce distribution transformers, Matelec has grown into a diversified and respected electricity business player.
About Us
Letter from the CEO
At Matelec Group, successful business begins with developing a personalized relationship with our customers. Our number one priority is working one to one with each customer in order to help him achieve his goals. It begins with listening. We believe that there is no better investment than the time we spend getting to know our clientele. With a throughout understanding of commercial and technical requirements we can develop products and services that custom fit your goals. And it works both ways. By sharing our knowledge and experience with you, we empower your decision making. Working with our various subsidiaries and affiliates in the Group and in many instances with our renowned industry partners, we can marshal a wealth of electricity business intelligence.

Though headquarters provide strong support for our various affiliates in the area of Marketing, Design, Engineering, and Purchasing, we are currently expanding our manufacturing capabilities in the Mideast, Africa, and Europe. The Electrical Equipment Industries Co. (ELICO) founded in Jordan in association with the Jordanian Electrical Sector is the major supplier of the Jordanian market. International Transformers Matelec (ITM) is dedicated to the service of the Egyptian market and the nearby African countries. Transfo Matelec in France remains quite active and dedicated to the European market. Entreprise algérienne des équipements de transformation et de distribution électrique SPA (EDIEL SPA). manufcaturing MV package substations, LV and MV panels dedicated to the Algerian market.To optimize our global business portfolio, we are further exploring other geographic deployments and business ventures across these regions.

In time when the electrical industry is characterized by sophisticated and on-going technological advances, we are constantly striving to keep up with the world strictest manufacturing standards and remain responsive to the critical need to keep current in this dynamic environment. Indeed, we have recently embarked on a series of technological measures such as the acquisition of a comprehensive set of state-of the-art machines, the development of an ERP platform and the implementation of a complete Quality Management System (QMS) across our various activities. In this way, we are committed to maximizing the value of our Group by relentlessly pursuing such initiatives while optimally allocating managerial resources and targeting highly efficient operations.

Our goals, as member of the Doumet conglomerate include the establishment of entrepreneurial and market-leading companies, the enhancement of the conglomerate value as a whole and the contribution to the economies and societies we work in.

Sami Soughayar
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