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At MATELEC Group, we are committed
to meet or exceed the highest quality
and performance industry standards across our range of products
and services.
Quality Assurance
Matelec is committed to meet or exceed the highest quality and performance industry standards across its range of products and services.

The Group has a complete Quality Management System (QMS), which complies with, and is certified to, ISO9001:2008 by SGS. The company quality assurance system was first registered in 1996 and is regularly audited to ensure continued compliance.
One of the major objectives of the Group is to foster improvement in all aspects of its business. Matelec strives to improve the satisfaction of its customers by maintaining on–going initiatives to improve the quality and reliability of products and the operating effectiveness of the manufacturing equipment and processes. The Group promotes and manages continual improvement in quality, productivity, service and value.

Improvement projects touch on various areas such as external customer, corporate, supplier, safety and regulatory requirements. Continuous improvement is measured against goals and objectives. The spirit behind any quality initiative is to cost effectively achieve the basic tenet of the Matelec Group Quality Policy that is, delivery of defect free products and services, on time. Any such initiative is always directed to keep up with the state of “zero defects”. Technology is used throughout to achieve accurate order processing, efficient manufacturing, and on-time delivery. The Group can answer all application questions, and its customer-minded engineering staff is ready to work closely with customers and provide timely and satisfactory resolutions to all technical issues.

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Copies of Procedures and Standards included within the Company Quality Management System are available upon request.
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