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Products Testing
The electrostatic powder painting using a polyester based heat-hardened powder , is the process applied for painting all metallic parts having a treated surface by the technique of spraying and ready to accept the protective coating . This kind of painting has various advantages : mechanical strength , chemical and anti-corrosion properties as required by our clients . Moreover , this assures a healthy and secured use, protecting also the environment .

Laboratory N6 (Paint laboratory)
  • Minimum paint thickness film (acc ISO 2808)
  • Specular gloss factor at 60 Deg (acc ISO 2813)
  • Falling weight test (ISO 6272)
  • Erichsen cupping test (ISO 1520)
  • Scratch test (Adhesion ISO 2409)
  • Bend Test (cylindrical mandrel ISO 1519)
  • Salt spray (Fog) test (ISO 7253)

The same laboratory measures continuously the concentration of all chemicals used during the paint process to prevent any eventual mistakes that might arise during the process.

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