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All equipment produced by MATELEC undergoes extensive and rigorous
tests which are required to pass
in order to meet industry and customer
standards and specifications.
Laboratories & Testing
Testing in External Laboratories
Some of the customers of Matelec, require certain tests to be carried out in independent laboratories. One of the these tests is the ability to withstand short circuit (IEC 60076-5), which only can be done in specialized laboratories.

Below is a list of all tests carried out on all equipment manufactured by Matelec or by its affiliates and tested in the following independent laboratories:
  • Kema - The Netherlands
  • EDF - France
  • LCIE - France
  • CESI - Italy
  • KDEP - Greece
  • Pyramid High Voltage Laboratory - Egypt

» Click to view MATELEC GROUP Test Certificates (Size:34 Kb)
» Click to view MATELEC GROUP KEMA Certificates  (Size:41 Kb)

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