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Our track record in the electricity related contracting business illustrates our proven ability to provide the highest performance and most cost-
effective solutions available.

Engineering & Contracting
132/33kV Substation at KWANAR DANGORA    
Transmission Company of Nigeria - TCN
Main Contractor
Matelec S.A.L.
Contract Value
8 278 406.00 USD 87 414 314.00 Naira
Delivery period
12 months
Scope of Work
Engineering, design, manufacture, supply, test, delivery to site, installation of all materials and equipment, erection and commissioning of:
132/33kV Substation at KWANAR DANGORA and Turn in/out of Zaria-Kano 132kV Line at KWANAR DANGORA – Lot 12
  • 1 x 132/33kV 30/40MVA transformers with complete bay based on breaker and a half
  • 2 x 132kV line bays based on breaker and a half.
  • 33kV outdoor Switchgear (outdoor type), double busbar: 3 line bays
  • Auxiliary power supply equipment (earthing, service transformers, generator, DC system, etc.)
  • HV/LV cables and accessories.
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems.
  • Protection control and monitoring system
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